A tech-upskill community for active, collaborative learners.|

There are five main guiding principles of Tech Collective:

1 Commit to community

We believe that people are more fulfilled and effective when they have deep relationships.

That's why we foster close cohort bonding through peer-driven selection and learning.

2 Take responsibility

We believe that we learn and achieve more when we act with ownership and openly learn from mistakes.

That's why we bear members' risks with zero membership payments until they're in a good job afterwards.

3 Empower individuals

We believe that people thrive when you enable them to invest in their own development.

That's why we cap every member's total net contributions for their three year payment period.

4 Maximum transparency

We believe that people need information to make meaningful plans and consensual commitments.

That's why our applicants get multiple chances to meet their prospective peers before joining.

5 Shared success

Part-time, where you can keep your income coming in

Peer-driven, where you get strong support around you

Pay-on-results, where you only pay if you're earning well

Philosophical Influences

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Society Centered Design

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