A tech-upskill community for active, collaborative learners.|

We're not interested in churning out code-monkey developers.

Our curriculum bridges the technical and the interpersonal.

You'll learn modern full-stack web development - but not just as the only end in and of itself. Through our peer-driven project-based learning, you will be challenged to strengthen your creativity, collaboration and communication.

These are skills not just for your 'next job' - they're for the next chapter of your career, be it in:

software development

product management


Whilst we don't expect all our members to want to become software developers, the goal is to give you the flexibility to pursue that career if you wanted to.
This means learning specific technologies, development practices and job-search skills.

We think this is JavaScript for full-stack web development, to include:

React (as a front-end library)

Redux (as a state management library)

Jest (as a testing library)

Express (as a back-end library)

PostgreSQL and Sequelize (as a database layer)

TypeScript (for static type safety)

Here’s Why:

JavaScript continues to be the most commonly used programming language [1] as well as the most sought by employers [2]

Full-stack developers tend to be more prioritised as hires by engineering managers [3]

React, Redux, Express, Jest and TypeScript are all popular and highly-rated by JavaScript developers [4]

Job-search skills

Practical projects for your developer portfolio on GitHub.

Algorithms and data structures for coding interview tasks.

Development practices

It's all very well knowing programming tools, but you need to be useful in a team. That's why we'll also cover things such as:

Version control with git

Working in an agile workflow

Pair programming with your peers


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